words are missing us

It was not too long ago that men and women of no special reknown, at least not in their own minds, had a gift of placing words where they belong and I don’t mean for the grammarian sake, but rather, they had that rare kind of caring virtue in composition of their words together; that kind of virtue has difficulty finding a home in most of us who write blogs or other types of communication like Tweets; they possessed this virtue even in correspondence to sworn enemies and their word they tried to keep because honor meant more to them than their very own lives.

If you possess old books about life or history from say 100-300 years ago, you might understand more what I am talking about. The men who made decisions as leaders military or otherwise had agonizing times trying to decide how to proceed in the face of enemies when dealing with overwhelming odds not to mention struggling with their own sense of direction for themselves and their families, but they did have the kind of ‘eternal vigilance’ that looks forward even many generations in respect to the land and freedom and to those who are to follow in their footsteps and ‘possess the land’ so to speak.

Words are missing us, that is, we are not finding enough within our character oft times to go beyond what is popular for the current day or en vogue for those online ‘likes’ we tend to crave as we seek all sorts of approval. The words we say like ‘literally’ and ‘iron-clad’ or even ‘integrity’ lack the sense and fabric of what those words intended to mean in the first place.

For myself, I need to re-visit pages of texts written by men who possessed much more ‘eternal vigilance’ than I ever will, because in the very least I might find something more forward-looking or going-forth in my writing ventures or even poetry, that will tend to the garden of souls with pruning of sorts and water where necessary, as we together as Christians especially are in need of.

Words are missing ‘us’ the us we could be that better self, when words expressed by us are missing their inherent plain ordinary honesty and forthrightness. Yes, we tend to use deceitful tactics at times because we feel so many others are doing it and that justifies our ‘white lies.’ Once you start down that road there is hardly a return to be found because you end up stuck in a moral briar-patch of self-deceit in the end. Politicians did not have this ‘market’ cornered either.

George Washington thought in words of strong moral foundation and felt strongly in the ‘immutable’ principles that tend to freedom true freedom and worldwide respect. The words below are from our first Commander-in-Chief:

The foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government be exemplified by all the attributes which can win the affections of its citizens and command the respect of the world.