You’ve heard the phrase repeated at work or school: ‘I need to CATCH A BREAK.’  Most of us need more income sure, but what we feel the need for in any given day is well, a BREAK…someone perhaps to show kindness and even compassion on occasion.

I personally think that having the sense to realize your need, any need, differentiating from your ‘wants’ or even your ‘bucket list’ is the kind of break you can give yourself because it keeps on giving and you don’t have to wait for anyone else to deliver that break.

We need to give ourselves a break from constant pressure from money problems, relationship debacles, silly arguments, and conflicted thoughts. This kind of break is never all-encompassing, sorry, you don’t get a break from everything and then float off into nirvana or utopian dreams. You work on your problems with the need to determine yourself ready to take one big problem and make it a lesser one. Take the attitude problem for instance. If you have fits of anger, suppressed rage, and even tirades involving cursing and throwing things around the room, you have unrighteous anger which tends to take on a life of its own and is destructive to self and others.

The Bible says ‘be angry and sin not’ but nobody knows how to do that except those who have stumbled upon the secret of making anger a lesser problem. Anger and anxiety is a world-wide phenom and hard to avoid in yourself or others. I think mainly a feeling of isolation rules people who are unjustly angry and full of anxiety and self-loathing. There is no quick fix. Even if you pray and ask God, you will help you, but He will require you do something only you can do and that is one of the secrets to your future success.

You can do things for and with people that no one else can do, that doesn’t involve greed, lust, violence, or any of the other 7 deadly sins. You can with God’s help find that anger lasts momentarily and doesn’t own your mind. Anxiety is sometimes necessary to spur you to action to do something positive about a negative or bummer situation.

I have found that walking in a park clear of a lot of daily distractions is very helpful and especially so if you do so habitually and maybe even find a friend out there trying the same kind of therapy. Yes, you will meet scary people on occasion, even in a park, but use discernment and ask God for help on that one too, because you want to be on the better side of angels.

You don’t want to be afraid. Jesus often said ‘fear not, I am with you always, even to the ends of the worlds.’

You can see that life involves deep trust on a level no one can really explain to you unless you find out for yourself where that trust is best invested.