my glory and the lifter of my head



We are saved by hope, gets us to where we need to be. There is opposition to our advancement in the things pertaining to God’s kingdom. There are young lions, so to speak, out to make a name for themselves and these creatures taking whatever form you might imagine, stalk the righteous and those struggling to find God’s will more fully. We know it is God’s will that we have come to know the truth. God’s will is to further us in the understanding of His dear Son. Abide in Christ Jesus. By abiding in Christ, we forsake fleshly lusts which war against the soul.

What does it take to live a godly life?

Well, first of all, eschew (or reject, same thing) evil. You know that is God’s will for sure.

Love the truth. The truth begins and ends with Jesus, He is the Alpha and Omega.

Love the brethren. Those who have God’s call on their lives and strengthen you in the faith are the brethren to simplify the definition. Use discernment because there are false brethren the Bible warns which mark themselves because they seek to divide the flock causing divisions out of nothing.

Honor proper authority. Basically honor the King the Bible enjoins. See how the apostle Paul did this very well and wisely.

Be willing and obedient. The walk that the Lord requires of you. Don’t worry about what others may be doing.

Be glad and rejoice. Jesus is your glory and the lifter of your head.