These all died in faith

The Bible makes us understand our life is not our own if we read and apply the Word of God rightly to the integrity of our walk. I don’t want to live for myself. You shouldn’t live for yourself either. A ‘self’ obsessed life is nothing but misery because anything consumed is then wasted upon the rocky shores of delusion and greed, you haven’t given anything really, you have only gave something false from your ‘false-self’ to get temporary empty pleasure, while the real you the part that God designed for love and caring and action has been beaten and neglected until it ceases to exist.

I hope that anyone who happens to read this post understands that we are living in perilous times. Men being lovers of pleasure, dispensing with the love of God as secondary to everything they do, when really that love of God must be first and foremost. These are days when the righteous will scarcely ‘be saved’ so what will happen to the sinners and hypocrites of our time?

God has not destined us to wrath but to obtain salvation through the One he has sent to reconcile the world to himself, but to obtain the salvation truly we must reconcile ourselves to God every day, and not sin anymore.

The problems of this world cannot be solved, but only mitigated and controlled as to severity for a short time. Then once the fullness the Gentiles has come in, the grace of God will suffice for those destined for salvation by faith in Jesus, but the wrath of God will be fully revealed to the sons of disobedience who have been oppressing the just and the poor for generations.

The hall of faith chapter in the book of Hebrews chpt 11 is a composite of those who have gone before, they who have died in faith, and they are our inspiration and example to realize that no matter what happens that keeping the faith means a kind of endurance that God grants to those who seek to do His will in this generation.