the shield of faith

We are closer than we think. The end of all things is near. The apostle Peter made that nearness very clear when he wrote 1 and II Peter. When Peter wrote he spoke from what he knew and suffered, having been with Jesus, one of the 12. Peter saw Jesus regularly very obviously, but in writing I Peter he says ‘though you have not seen him, you love him.’ Genuine faith is trust in the invisible God. Again Peter went on and said ‘though you do not now see Him, you believe in Him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory.’

No doubt Peter exercised his faith under trying circumstances till the very end and taught others to be faithful to the end. The shield of faith is based on living hope.

As Peter taught, the outcome of our faith is the salvation of our souls. People see something in genuine faith, so as the Bible says we have ‘the mind of Christ’ in this world of wickedness.

Our light shines for Jesus-sake that we might inherit the same kind of faith that Jesus knew as He walked up and down the hills throughout the land of Israel, who taught the people; doing good and freeing all he encountered who were oppressed by the devil.

Jesus resisted the devil through faith in the word of God and we do this too, but not by excessive recitation of Bible verses which is good for memorization which is helpful to some degree; rather, the need we have is to ‘make it our own’ the Word of God working that which is good in our inner man, building upon a solid foundation in our life and testimony before men, manifesting the fruit of the Spirit, as did the apostles and prophets who came before us.

Wisdom is needed and God does not withhold if we ask of Him. These are days of turmoil in the world and tribulation on a grand scale. Our need for prayer is dire. Declare God’s Word out loud to your family and friends and every place you can. You don’t have to speak loudly just speak fearlessly.

The shield of faith like we read in Ephesians will vanquish the fiery darts of the enemy.