The seekers are busy seeking out houses for themselves. They want security in times of uncertainty. The Bible speaks about people who are seeking but never able to find. Ummm, sounds like a mysterious statement. The seekers of this world are seeking a safety net, like the money they need for retirement, or the properties they need for investment, or stocks they need to buy for that big rate of return they dream of which they have to pursue day and night.

We know that Jesus said to not lay up treasure here on earth where dust corrupts and thieves break through and steal. The specter of identity threat and identity theft can be attributed to the statement made by Jesus. He knew what we would be facing in this 21st century. Jesus knew that everything would be seemingly ‘up for grabs’ and that people would be longing for things so that they could have something to look forward to for themselves and their families which by itself seems to be a good thing and it is a good thing if not accompanied by greed and corruption and avarice to obtain that kind of security, but the temptations to go wild and tramp over others to get what you want are always there to ask the question ‘why not’?

We don’t know what is going to happen in the coming days except the warnings by Jesus have been longstanding and stark. He said don’t worry about the things of tomorrow because that is what the world worries about. He said that the children of Light in this generation are not as prudent or wise concerning matters of money and business as are the children of this world.

Now where is the balance we seek? We can’t give a blanket answer that applies to everyone except the standard that is best interpreted by open-hearted reading of the Word of God, the Bible, in short.

In life there is time and circumstance. There is a chance to do good and beneficial works of mercy are needed in this world because God’s heart is open to receive the poor and afflicted ones who are trying to do well. We will ‘lend to the Lord’ and help the poor in some way?

The homeless guy with a sign, well many of them today, are writing signs that simply say ‘God bless you’ and are not asking for work or even a dime from you. They will probably accept something in terms of money or perhaps some hot food if you give in a right spirit, but mostly they want to you to care, and I hope that most of the homeless are themselves praying for you and you might be surprised that they really do. Does God not hear their simple prayers if their hearts are upright?

We have many things to consider. Trying to do right while keeping our own financial house in order is difficult at best. If you have children or elderly or disabled that depend on you then you are facing many challenges as services for people like Dept of Human Services are limiting and denying disabled people everything they possibly can to keep their budgets tight, of course, this is not right especially when it becomes mean and oppressive. Believe me this has happened to me and my family more than once and God knows all about it.

We look to the Lord if we trust Him truly. The foundations of this world are sinking down into the sand on which they are built and rightly so.

The kingdom of God and God’s people are what really matter. We can respect people who run programs and services but we should not trust them because they lie. Even legal services designed to be free for the poor are being routinely denied because they keep lowering the income level for eligibility so that it is nearly impossible to get help in this United States of America, with lawyers galore, but no help for the people who really need it unless it is a politically charged cause that gets lots of media hype.

Let us pray and ask God what we should do today. Take care of your loved ones for certain.

Don’t forget the poor especially your bros and sisters in the faith.

Remember those who are seeking the wrong things for the wrong reasons will have repent or face discipline and/or punishment. The works of flesh are manifest in people who love the world. Read Galatians to find out more.

The most important: be the person whom God can work through, be obedient to His call on your life and you will be blessed by God.