a thousand generations

There is the kingdom of the Light and the Truth and the Way AND Jesus is Lord of that kingdom. Jesus sees his church and disciplines those He loves. Read especially the first few chapters of the book of Revelation. I think it is also important to note that it is the Book of Revelation, not revelations (pluralism leads to confusion in matters of spiritual truth); which revelation came divinely to the disciple of Jesus known as John and came to him in a powerful prophetic way; it is the revelation of the testimony of the King of King and Lord of lords – Jesus the Christ, the anointed one; since God is not the author of confusion there is only one revelation that is true, that proceeds from the Alpha and the Omega; thus we have in Jesus a more sure word of prophecy that we would do well to understand and embrace.

The Lord is a man of war and he fights with the spirit of his mouth which is the Word of God or better yet to understand the power thereof – God’s decree which does not change, that is God’s counsel to a thousand generations;  unlike the popular winds of doctrine like men, even good men, tend to teach and preach.

There is no special skill or knowledge needed to grasp the book of Revelation, but if there is willingness on the part of the reader, there is a promised blessing to those who undertake to read and understand the words of the prophecy of this book (Revelation 1:3). The book of Revelation is about the things which the disciple John saw by the revelation of Jesus Christ, and the things which are (present), and the things that shall be hereafter (important to note that when God says ‘shall be’ that is a decree, a holy decree of the Most High God.

The prayers of the saints for all time do matter because all that were lifted up earnestly with clean hearts, their prayers came to the throne of God like incense offered and there was and is still powerful response like voices, thunderings, lightnings and an earthquake. God is not passive. READ REVELATION 8, especially verses 1-6.

There is also present the kingdom that derives its power from the deceitfulness of sin and the seed of rebellion leading to worsening darkness; the enemy of God is satan who is so deceptive that sometimes he transforms himself into ‘an angel of light.’ In the days of the latter time God says he will shorten the time for the sake of His very elect because the temptations and trials will become so severe.

Remember that in the face of every trial and temptation, there is a way of escape that you will be able to bear it. He is coming for a church that is without spot or wrinkle, a bride adored for her bridegroom, whether he comes in the morning, at mid-day, or at midnight. Be ready Jesus said.  You know not what hour He comes, but of course the times and seasons are upon us, so we know His return is even at the door.