decent women face persecution’-cheer-culture/ar-AAwhWNV?li=BBnb4R7&ocid=wispr


Men should be upset if for no other reason they have sisters, aunts, mothers, and grandmothers; and all or some of them at one time or another were chaste and for personal and/or religious reasons, on sound moral ground, kept themselves chaste until they entered into the covenant of marriage; about this because this young lady who is a virgin was in fact severely persecuted and sexually harassed basically because she has kept herself pure as a devout Christian and is not afraid to say so.

See the link I posted at the top of this page. This young lady was even questioned extensively by her boss at the Miami Dolphins organization and they were obviously trying to get her to fling and forsake her chaste status because apparently her light was shining a little too bright and perhaps scaring them a little with conviction of sin, sounds like.

Decent women need our honor and respect because they are showing women, all women, especially the younger ones some growing up in godless high schools and colleges, that it is possible to keep chaste in the midst of New Babylon if you will, including the world of casual sex and party atmosphere.

Kristan Ann, now former cheerleader for the NFL Miami Dolphins made a prayerful decision to walk away from her status as a classy member of the Dolphin’s cheer team. Her post on social media was a marvel to behold and showed the character of a person of faith all Christians can be proud of (see article link at top).

Pray for her that she is able to accomplish all of God’s will in her young life, knowing that He who has begun a good work in her will complete it until that day when Jesus returns in the second advent.