Giving up is not the end of life. Plenty of people have comforted themselves if you will with the hope that would find a way out or to ‘end it’ the next day. That is a weird kind of hopelessness which offers a hope that can be met short of death, with expectation of faith implored by a loving God.

Hope offers a biblical solution to a soul struggle of sin-entrapment. I guess two words really don’t tell a ‘story’ so I will settle for one-word – LOVE.  Nothing idyllic ever comes from giving up and it’s not romantic or exciting to live life on the edge of a kind of desperation, which may mean you want to go ‘somewhere else’ instead. Since you are loved by God in spite of your weakness you have hope lurking somewhere in between the white noise of dissolution.

Praying earnestly makes hope possible and living if the faith is somewhere in there to be found.

Try doing something you never did before, but don’t be stupid OK?