You cannot help but love this story from the Bible because it is so true of women today. Mary sits at the feet of Jesus wanting to hear every word the blessed Saviour has to say about the life of faith in God.

While Martha is busy all the time it seems, God knows that she is busy for a reason because obviously she is very dutiful and helpful to her guests. We need Martha.

Women are busy with serving and working and blessing others with their work. This kind of life is the story of the majority of women in the world today and even of young girls especially in third-world countries who assume many duties of responsibility before they reach 10 years of age in some cases, simply because they are needed by family members and their respective communities.

The Christian body of believers today look at this epic account of Martha, Mary and Jesus, and they divide themselves into three camps:

  1.  the pro-Mary crowd who love to imagine Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and not in a fleshly attraction because that was not her motivation, but in a way of pure devotion, and you have to admire that in Mary;
  2. Martha on the other hand was busy fetching water, cleaning silverware, and brooming the home no doubt, God knows, to keep things up and not let the house become untidy nor was she neglectful of her guests and their needs;
  3. the third camp is the neutral one, where we see a picture of beauty and necessity and we don’t care to criticize Mary for not ‘helping’ Martha, and we don’t criticize Martha either for not taking a seat next to Mary in devotion to Jesus.GOD KNOWS. Think of Martha and Mary – women who both obviously love God and know that Jesus is sent from God. They are sisters in the faith. Jesus knew obviously that it was not work or overwork on the part of Martha, really she was tired and anxious about many things and Jesus said so to comfort her not to criticize her. Please read in Luke 10. Unfortunately Martha wanted Mary to ‘recoil’ if you will from her seated position at the feet of Jesus and that is what got Jesus attention. Jesus did not criticize Martha for what she was doing and the preparations she was making in practical ways, but since Martha took opportunity to criticize Mary for what she was doing, Jesus found it necessary to speak to Martha gently and lightly rebuke her so from that day forward there would never be another light accusation launched at Mary from the lips of Martha. The beautiful part of this account is that the activities of both women were affirmed; Mary was given affirmation for her devotion to Jesus as she recognized her need for the Lord was dire and she was not going to be denied the short time she had to sit at his feet; Martha was given a gift by Jesus, this exchange revealed that the Lord cared for her heavy-loaded heart full of worries and stress of everyday living, and that He was there for her whenever she needed him because Jesus did not ignore anyone who expressed need or hurt. Martha really needed Jesus to care for her at that moment and he did care by speaking to her about devotion and that ‘one thing’ is needful and that statement in itself is kind of a mystery, but you get the picture I hope.

Women need to see Jesus for who He is and still today even though he is not present in the flesh, women everywhere that look to him see in Jesus the hope and love that the world and the flesh cannot take away, and many women today still chose the better part because their need is dire. Women need the Saviour to speak to them and if they can ‘sit at his feet’ they can still do that today and every day in earnest prayer and devotion.

God bless all.


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