The Greeks thirst for knowledge – yes,  that’s true and in the Bible; the Jews require a sign – yes, that’s true and in the Bible.

The thirst for knowledge is everywhere and increasing, as indeed people want to ‘know the truth’ but the problem I see, is that the very word ‘truth’ has become another way of saying ‘my truth’ which in the minds of people turns what is otherwise known to be truth itself into a shoddy version of someone’s memory of events and/or experience, and sometimes ‘nothing could be farther (or further if you prefer) from the truth.’

The Bible puts everything into perspective but it takes time to absorb and understand what God is patiently trying to convey to all of us, that we don’t own the truth at all and we never will, thank God, but if we are children of the King, we know the truth and he is a man!

The truth is found in one man, the man Christ Jesus; he is the Way, the Truth and the Light. All men are liars and yes the Bible says that too.

I don’t mean that people are incapable of telling the truth, they do tell the truth sometimes and often get punished for doing so, but some can’t help themselves and despite the punishments to be meted out to them, they will continue to tell the truth. The Apostle Paul is the best and classic example of a man who understood and knew the truth and went to great lengths to speak everything he knew to be true and do so without apology; he was beaten, thrashed and utterly publicly castigated for doing so, that is why he said ‘we are like the off-scouring of the world’ you know that part of the grill when after the cooking is done gets unceremoniously scraped into the trash bin.

Notice that Paul said we are like the off-scouring of the world’ because to those of the world who want to curry favor and are stuck in the greed mode, anyone who gets in their way is treated with extreme disdain and even hatred, thus people who love the things of the world more than God are not liking us who have chosen to instead love God more than the things of the world.  God knows who are His own, no man can judge you.

Let’s talk a minute about Zerubbabel in the Old Testament. He was a man right? OK, why he is so important to Bible readers and studiers today?  He was a prince of the house of David in his time.

The prophetic element in Haggai is the spirit of God speaking to us now of not just things from ancient times, but things that now are and things to come, because remember that prophets like Haggai and Isaiah and Jeremiah, and others, were anointed to see beyond the events of their time; their inquiries as they spoke messages from a spiritual treasury were then and are now to benefit us by truth not authored by men.

Thus Christ is the true Zerubbabel – Jesus the Christ the man of peace, came and spoke not ‘his truth’ but that which had its origins in the beginning with the Father, known are all of God’s works from the beginning of time.

Biblical exhortation is to believe God’s Word above all else. Haggai was speaking of shaking of nations, Apocalypse in motion, and the people fearing, hoping, trying to do anything to hold it together, but finding it really hard because evil men wax worse and worse; that is when the contending for the faith spoken of in the New Testament of Jude really sinks in, and you find yourself praying like crazy because there is no other way to handle it.

The Apostle Peter spoke in the 1 and 2 Peter of similar events of shaking and fire and tumult as spoke by Haggai, but we know that everything must be shaken so that those things that cannot be shaken will remain.

Jesus – stamped with God’s ‘signet’ and He who is the express image of the Substance of the Father was stamped in his manhood; and all those who are called by His Name, the name of Jesus, also belong to God the Father and are stamped with this signet (I Cor 15:49).

Rejoice in the Lord always, our redemption is nearer than we first thought.



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