You’ve heard the phrase repeated at work or school: ‘I need to CATCH A BREAK.’  Most of us need more income sure, but what we feel the need for in any given day is well, a BREAK…someone perhaps to show kindness and even compassion on occasion.

I personally think that having the sense to realize your need, any need, differentiating from your ‘wants’ or even your ‘bucket list’ is the kind of break you can give yourself because it keeps on giving and you don’t have to wait for anyone else to deliver that break.

We need to give ourselves a break from constant pressure from money problems, relationship debacles, silly arguments, and conflicted thoughts. This kind of break is never all-encompassing, sorry, you don’t get a break from everything and then float off into nirvana or utopian dreams. You work on your problems with the need to determine yourself ready to take one big problem and make it a lesser one. Take the attitude problem for instance. If you have fits of anger, suppressed rage, and even tirades involving cursing and throwing things around the room, you have unrighteous anger which tends to take on a life of its own and is destructive to self and others.

The Bible says ‘be angry and sin not’ but nobody knows how to do that except those who have stumbled upon the secret of making anger a lesser problem. Anger and anxiety is a world-wide phenom and hard to avoid in yourself or others. I think mainly a feeling of isolation rules people who are unjustly angry and full of anxiety and self-loathing. There is no quick fix. Even if you pray and ask God, you will help you, but He will require you do something only you can do and that is one of the secrets to your future success.

You can do things for and with people that no one else can do, that doesn’t involve greed, lust, violence, or any of the other 7 deadly sins. You can with God’s help find that anger lasts momentarily and doesn’t own your mind. Anxiety is sometimes necessary to spur you to action to do something positive about a negative or bummer situation.

I have found that walking in a park clear of a lot of daily distractions is very helpful and especially so if you do so habitually and maybe even find a friend out there trying the same kind of therapy. Yes, you will meet scary people on occasion, even in a park, but use discernment and ask God for help on that one too, because you want to be on the better side of angels.

You don’t want to be afraid. Jesus often said ‘fear not, I am with you always, even to the ends of the worlds.’

You can see that life involves deep trust on a level no one can really explain to you unless you find out for yourself where that trust is best invested.



Giving up is not the end of life. Plenty of people have comforted themselves if you will with the hope that would find a way out or to ‘end it’ the next day. That is a weird kind of hopelessness which offers a hope that can be met short of death, with expectation of faith implored by a loving God.

Hope offers a biblical solution to a soul struggle of sin-entrapment. I guess two words really don’t tell a ‘story’ so I will settle for one-word – LOVE.  Nothing idyllic ever comes from giving up and it’s not romantic or exciting to live life on the edge of a kind of desperation, which may mean you want to go ‘somewhere else’ instead. Since you are loved by God in spite of your weakness you have hope lurking somewhere in between the white noise of dissolution.

Praying earnestly makes hope possible and living if the faith is somewhere in there to be found.

Try doing something you never did before, but don’t be stupid OK?


Hate is a crime?  Well, not really. Hate is like love, completely vilified by various turns of event at times, used and abused as a word all the time, and bought and sold all the time on the market of misgynotic fabrication;

and then HATE settled down into an oblivious posture, not caring whether anyone really understood H-A-T-E in the first place.

Here are some useful thoughts on the ‘crime’ of HATE:

  1. If you love to hate Wal-M then you understand what hate means.
  2.  If you marry someone you late hate you understand what hate means because you probably secretly love the same person.
  3.  If you ‘hate to wait’ in line or on the phone, you love hating too.
  4.  If you hate making dinner then you are doing it wrong most likely and so hate hates you.

Get hate wrong and hate will hate you back, real hard. REMEMBER THAT…

next time you hate wasting your time reading blogs but can’t stop hating things that you really don’t.

Need to know

Everyone likes approval and to know that they are being heard. Not everyone gets that approval or are even heard really except in seemingly limited or restricted ways.

We have needs yes which is very human and very us. Things sometimes get so personal that we want to rush to our own defense or get as many ‘family members’ if you will on our side of the contested issue(s).

There are so many problems and we can only work on them one at a time, I believe. The biggest problem on our list is the one that needs concentrated attention and that is usually in the realm of relationships. So many books have been written about relationships between family members, friends, church members, board members, and people in their given community. We are unhappy about something most of the time, but I think we are most unhappy when we feel alone or that hardly anyone seems to care about what we are going through.

This sense of desertion in a way brings a crisis, a NEED TO KNOW.  What do I do about this problem you find asking your image in the morning mirror.

You have to have hope to start with, you cannot live without hope. That hope has to be living and sustained by let us say ‘help from above.’

The Psalmist says – I look to the hills, from whence comes my help. My help comes from the name of the Lord! Good place to start with your everyday problems, I think most of my readers will agree.

I don’t own universal secrets to success nor do I want to. I don’t have tons of wise counsel to give people, but I try to help them see it is not that hard to be blessed if they please God and not seek to please men first.

The Apostle Paul had sound teaching etched in his very soul. He said he strived to live in good conscience before God and men which meant that he purposely placed himself in the middle of the ‘fray’ if you will if he knew that souls were at stake and his mission was to go to them, not in his own name, but in the name of the Most High God. After all, Jesus very personally if you will, called him, but of course Jesus also at the same time told him what great things he must suffer while doing the mission he was called to do; this is because Paul persecuted the saints severely in his former ignorance and there was a need to know for Paul so that he would be ever more vigilant in his love for God and for the people God sent him unto.

The Bible says that everyone must carry his own cross and so what does that mean? I think it means just what it says and that we have to begin to ask God if we are not doing so now, how might I carry that cross with honor, grace and dignity for those around me?

The end must come some fine day

Too many people wait a long time for something, that something that perhaps only they (and God know), but that in itself isn’t wrong or even necessarily inappropriate in their life. That something called trust is sometimes the missing part and cannot be taught in a class or even church, it has to be lived before God

God knows those who trust in Him. Let everyone who trusts in Him depart from evil is what the scriptures say.

Lawlessness is rampant these days because the spirit of lawlessness is having a field day it would seem. How does lawlessness take shape? Disobedience is the main way sexual immorality and other mortal sins have their way in peoples lives. People break the law of love and they violate God’s main command and go after idols like marijuana.


Don’t be a fornicator. Don’t be a dope head.

and let your yes be yes, and your no be no.



the beauty of sensory deprivation



we need these images

sensory-deprived prisoners


in case of war or disaster

they do this to whomever they please


it is not personal

though how can it not be?


are they protecting the guards

from seeing their eyes?


I know that methods

are employed that scar us

and by the way


scars are like our clothes

covering our nakedness


like the Book of Revelations reads

it is better wear pure linen

which is the righteousness of the saints


slain for the telling the truth of God to others

out there.


The seekers are busy seeking out houses for themselves. They want security in times of uncertainty. The Bible speaks about people who are seeking but never able to find. Ummm, sounds like a mysterious statement. The seekers of this world are seeking a safety net, like the money they need for retirement, or the properties they need for investment, or stocks they need to buy for that big rate of return they dream of which they have to pursue day and night.

We know that Jesus said to not lay up treasure here on earth where dust corrupts and thieves break through and steal. The specter of identity threat and identity theft can be attributed to the statement made by Jesus. He knew what we would be facing in this 21st century. Jesus knew that everything would be seemingly ‘up for grabs’ and that people would be longing for things so that they could have something to look forward to for themselves and their families which by itself seems to be a good thing and it is a good thing if not accompanied by greed and corruption and avarice to obtain that kind of security, but the temptations to go wild and tramp over others to get what you want are always there to ask the question ‘why not’?

We don’t know what is going to happen in the coming days except the warnings by Jesus have been longstanding and stark. He said don’t worry about the things of tomorrow because that is what the world worries about. He said that the children of Light in this generation are not as prudent or wise concerning matters of money and business as are the children of this world.

Now where is the balance we seek? We can’t give a blanket answer that applies to everyone except the standard that is best interpreted by open-hearted reading of the Word of God, the Bible, in short.

In life there is time and circumstance. There is a chance to do good and beneficial works of mercy are needed in this world because God’s heart is open to receive the poor and afflicted ones who are trying to do well. We will ‘lend to the Lord’ and help the poor in some way?

The homeless guy with a sign, well many of them today, are writing signs that simply say ‘God bless you’ and are not asking for work or even a dime from you. They will probably accept something in terms of money or perhaps some hot food if you give in a right spirit, but mostly they want to you to care, and I hope that most of the homeless are themselves praying for you and you might be surprised that they really do. Does God not hear their simple prayers if their hearts are upright?

We have many things to consider. Trying to do right while keeping our own financial house in order is difficult at best. If you have children or elderly or disabled that depend on you then you are facing many challenges as services for people like Dept of Human Services are limiting and denying disabled people everything they possibly can to keep their budgets tight, of course, this is not right especially when it becomes mean and oppressive. Believe me this has happened to me and my family more than once and God knows all about it.

We look to the Lord if we trust Him truly. The foundations of this world are sinking down into the sand on which they are built and rightly so.

The kingdom of God and God’s people are what really matter. We can respect people who run programs and services but we should not trust them because they lie. Even legal services designed to be free for the poor are being routinely denied because they keep lowering the income level for eligibility so that it is nearly impossible to get help in this United States of America, with lawyers galore, but no help for the people who really need it unless it is a politically charged cause that gets lots of media hype.

Let us pray and ask God what we should do today. Take care of your loved ones for certain.

Don’t forget the poor especially your bros and sisters in the faith.

Remember those who are seeking the wrong things for the wrong reasons will have repent or face discipline and/or punishment. The works of flesh are manifest in people who love the world. Read Galatians to find out more.

The most important: be the person whom God can work through, be obedient to His call on your life and you will be blessed by God.

it is time

The scripture says in Psalms 12:5: Because the poor are plundered, because the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the Lord, “I will place him in the safety for which he longs.”

All of our hearts are known to God. We who have suffered affliction and persecution for the sake of righteousness and truth have not done so in vain.

Many Christians throughout the ages have been imprisoned and tortured because they refused to retract their confession of faith in a living God who always does justly and rewards all who seek him before the children of man.

Walking your faith is not a comparison shopping excursion where you get to blithely chose garments of your liking one moment, and then, changing your mind, you cast them aside, and go for a whole new look, mostly you are searching for that perfect wardrobe which you will never find.

Clothes and food are necessities of life indeed, but unfortunately in media and magazines everything worshipped must include fantastic exotic foods that visually attract and tantalize our taste buds, and/or stunning outfits with glistening or unique features that will make others rave with jealous wanting to know how to achieve that look.

While people suffer in want of basic necessities and wear basically rags to work every day, we have so much in America and are self-obessesed. Unfortunately too the cosmetic industry is burgeoning with business in numbers of billions of dollars in sales annually in America, lively with the hustle of make-up powders and perfume items that will attract anybody and everybody.

We have to stop and look long enough at ourselves and who we truly are. If we do this, we will find that the need we have is for things that last or I say, the everlasting gospel first and foremost. Foods for the belly and the belly for the foods, but God shall destroy both!

Our hunger if we are born again is toward the things of heaven and to help those of our brethren who are suffering in the world.

I can remember more than a few times in my life when I was given God-anointed opportunity to minister to someone in a specific amount, a fleeting moment of time, and I knew it, really knew it, and I had made an excuse up in a hurry in my mind and walked on. I can still see some of their faces. I cannot change the past. Those times proved that I failed to give a word of encouragement or even a scripture or a prayer not because I did not love God, no, it was because I failed to give that day properly to the Lord before I went out into the world. I failed to ask the Lord to bless me with an anointing to bless others.

No one but God really knows why all these things happen, but they happen for a reason, and God has a way of sending someone else who is obedient to a specific mission, if we who are called to do something in a specific time or moment fail. I have wondered how long it took before that person or group of people finally received the word of encouragement or ministry they needed because of my disobedience to the Spirit of God.

The beautiful part of what I’m saying is this: You are not under any yoke unless you have been tricked or deceived, to be loaded down with guilt in your attitude toward the needy. God says he will arise and set those at liberty who have cried unto him. The only yoke you should be under is that of the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life and that has nothing to do with anyone beating you over the head with the Bible telling you to do thus and so. Sometimes groups of Christians come under a ‘leader’ who convinces everyone in the group that unless they do what he says, they are under condemnation from the Lord. These types of so-called leaders are not serving the Lord but themselves because their ambition has blinded them and whatever love they had for God was replaced by a self-serving oppressive rule over other peoples lives in the name of religious fervor.

Be wise and understand the will of the Lord. Read what the Apostle Paul had to say to the Romans, Corinthians, and others about ministry and what his position was before the Lord. Paul never sought to oppress or rule over the churches he ministered to. Paul also was careful to say specifically ‘follow me as I follow Christ.’  That way you can’t go wrong. Paul understood that loyalty to the King of Kings was first and foremost.



Saturated and edged out

by limiting myself

to the wandering clock

and hands not seen


that’s where time lives

on the edge of all things

like the sandy shore

in a verse I can’t find


taking my time away

is not time’s way

because seconds alone

find us alone together

and then time is freed


but mostly,

I am alone

very alone

like a sparrow on rooftop


where time goes

I don’t know how

but it’s hands are there

clenched and sweaty

like writhing blogs


I am writing

for a chance that life is

not for seconds to turn

to turn to minutes or hours


and days, I don’t care

about 24 hours

there is no end

that seems comfortable


and that should be funny.



the goodness of God

Yesterday I read from Lamentations in the O.T. I happened to read from Lamentations chapter 3, but obviously the whole book is essential because we need those words from the prophet Jeremiah to temper and warn us. Remember that whatever happened in olden days as for instance Israel in the O.T., was written for our benefit that we should not be entrapped with the same kind of sinful situation which many times ended up for some in complete disaster because of rebellion basically against the Most High God and not trusting the goodness of God.

Remember, the goodness of God leads to repentance. We can repent anytime of almost anything, but it is much better for our soul that we spend more time serving God and taking care not to violate God’s word in respect to others especially those in the body of Christ, and thereby by doing God’s will there is no need of repentance because we are not allowing selfish desires like lust and variance and greed to have their way.

The book of Galatians is a great place to read about the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit which lead to life. Conversely, the works of the flesh are those things which lead to devastating consequences and are not part of our inheritance in Christ Jesus.

Dangerous parts of our past should be left in the dust. For instance, if God freed you from addiction to alcohol or drugs, don’t go to the bar dummy, and certainly don’t go to places on the street where you know there is seedy drug-dealing going on, because you may never come back if you do.

The goodness of God is seen in reading the Bible and understanding that our life is not our own, and we belong to a community if you will of those who have been called to serve one another with love, not use each other for our own greed. Read in I John for helpful scriptures about relationship.


decent women face persecution’-cheer-culture/ar-AAwhWNV?li=BBnb4R7&ocid=wispr


Men should be upset if for no other reason they have sisters, aunts, mothers, and grandmothers; and all or some of them at one time or another were chaste and for personal and/or religious reasons, on sound moral ground, kept themselves chaste until they entered into the covenant of marriage; about this because this young lady who is a virgin was in fact severely persecuted and sexually harassed basically because she has kept herself pure as a devout Christian and is not afraid to say so.

See the link I posted at the top of this page. This young lady was even questioned extensively by her boss at the Miami Dolphins organization and they were obviously trying to get her to fling and forsake her chaste status because apparently her light was shining a little too bright and perhaps scaring them a little with conviction of sin, sounds like.

Decent women need our honor and respect because they are showing women, all women, especially the younger ones some growing up in godless high schools and colleges, that it is possible to keep chaste in the midst of New Babylon if you will, including the world of casual sex and party atmosphere.

Kristan Ann, now former cheerleader for the NFL Miami Dolphins made a prayerful decision to walk away from her status as a classy member of the Dolphin’s cheer team. Her post on social media was a marvel to behold and showed the character of a person of faith all Christians can be proud of (see article link at top).

Pray for her that she is able to accomplish all of God’s will in her young life, knowing that He who has begun a good work in her will complete it until that day when Jesus returns in the second advent.


my glory and the lifter of my head



We are saved by hope, gets us to where we need to be. There is opposition to our advancement in the things pertaining to God’s kingdom. There are young lions, so to speak, out to make a name for themselves and these creatures taking whatever form you might imagine, stalk the righteous and those struggling to find God’s will more fully. We know it is God’s will that we have come to know the truth. God’s will is to further us in the understanding of His dear Son. Abide in Christ Jesus. By abiding in Christ, we forsake fleshly lusts which war against the soul.

What does it take to live a godly life?

Well, first of all, eschew (or reject, same thing) evil. You know that is God’s will for sure.

Love the truth. The truth begins and ends with Jesus, He is the Alpha and Omega.

Love the brethren. Those who have God’s call on their lives and strengthen you in the faith are the brethren to simplify the definition. Use discernment because there are false brethren the Bible warns which mark themselves because they seek to divide the flock causing divisions out of nothing.

Honor proper authority. Basically honor the King the Bible enjoins. See how the apostle Paul did this very well and wisely.

Be willing and obedient. The walk that the Lord requires of you. Don’t worry about what others may be doing.

Be glad and rejoice. Jesus is your glory and the lifter of your head.

the shield of faith

We are closer than we think. The end of all things is near. The apostle Peter made that nearness very clear when he wrote 1 and II Peter. When Peter wrote he spoke from what he knew and suffered, having been with Jesus, one of the 12. Peter saw Jesus regularly very obviously, but in writing I Peter he says ‘though you have not seen him, you love him.’ Genuine faith is trust in the invisible God. Again Peter went on and said ‘though you do not now see Him, you believe in Him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory.’

No doubt Peter exercised his faith under trying circumstances till the very end and taught others to be faithful to the end. The shield of faith is based on living hope.

As Peter taught, the outcome of our faith is the salvation of our souls. People see something in genuine faith, so as the Bible says we have ‘the mind of Christ’ in this world of wickedness.

Our light shines for Jesus-sake that we might inherit the same kind of faith that Jesus knew as He walked up and down the hills throughout the land of Israel, who taught the people; doing good and freeing all he encountered who were oppressed by the devil.

Jesus resisted the devil through faith in the word of God and we do this too, but not by excessive recitation of Bible verses which is good for memorization which is helpful to some degree; rather, the need we have is to ‘make it our own’ the Word of God working that which is good in our inner man, building upon a solid foundation in our life and testimony before men, manifesting the fruit of the Spirit, as did the apostles and prophets who came before us.

Wisdom is needed and God does not withhold if we ask of Him. These are days of turmoil in the world and tribulation on a grand scale. Our need for prayer is dire. Declare God’s Word out loud to your family and friends and every place you can. You don’t have to speak loudly just speak fearlessly.

The shield of faith like we read in Ephesians will vanquish the fiery darts of the enemy.

words are missing us

It was not too long ago that men and women of no special reknown, at least not in their own minds, had a gift of placing words where they belong and I don’t mean for the grammarian sake, but rather, they had that rare kind of caring virtue in composition of their words together; that kind of virtue has difficulty finding a home in most of us who write blogs or other types of communication like Tweets; they possessed this virtue even in correspondence to sworn enemies and their word they tried to keep because honor meant more to them than their very own lives.

If you possess old books about life or history from say 100-300 years ago, you might understand more what I am talking about. The men who made decisions as leaders military or otherwise had agonizing times trying to decide how to proceed in the face of enemies when dealing with overwhelming odds not to mention struggling with their own sense of direction for themselves and their families, but they did have the kind of ‘eternal vigilance’ that looks forward even many generations in respect to the land and freedom and to those who are to follow in their footsteps and ‘possess the land’ so to speak.

Words are missing us, that is, we are not finding enough within our character oft times to go beyond what is popular for the current day or en vogue for those online ‘likes’ we tend to crave as we seek all sorts of approval. The words we say like ‘literally’ and ‘iron-clad’ or even ‘integrity’ lack the sense and fabric of what those words intended to mean in the first place.

For myself, I need to re-visit pages of texts written by men who possessed much more ‘eternal vigilance’ than I ever will, because in the very least I might find something more forward-looking or going-forth in my writing ventures or even poetry, that will tend to the garden of souls with pruning of sorts and water where necessary, as we together as Christians especially are in need of.

Words are missing ‘us’ the us we could be that better self, when words expressed by us are missing their inherent plain ordinary honesty and forthrightness. Yes, we tend to use deceitful tactics at times because we feel so many others are doing it and that justifies our ‘white lies.’ Once you start down that road there is hardly a return to be found because you end up stuck in a moral briar-patch of self-deceit in the end. Politicians did not have this ‘market’ cornered either.

George Washington thought in words of strong moral foundation and felt strongly in the ‘immutable’ principles that tend to freedom true freedom and worldwide respect. The words below are from our first Commander-in-Chief:

The foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality, and the preeminence of free government be exemplified by all the attributes which can win the affections of its citizens and command the respect of the world.

the Pope catchin’ hell for saying there is no…

Vatican scrambles after pope appears to deny existence of hell (The Guardian)

I know it looks bad, but first pause and judge nothing before the time when God will bring into subjection every… (read I COR 4:5).

I hate to hear about these things ‘second-hand’ you might say, but religious leaders do have a tendency to go out on a limb at times and sometimes forget that everything they say about God, heaven, hell, or anybody and/or everybody will be recorded in some way even if there is no microphone in front of them or even a pencil in the hand of the reporter present as in this case.

The press office for the Vatican claims there is no written or recorded transcript of the private conversation between the Pope and Eugenio Scalfari the 93-year-old atheist writing for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The two men have been friends apparently since 2013, but their ‘friendship’ may require a sabattical of sorts.

Moving beyond the above conversation between the Pope and this very old atheist, Christians whether Catholic or Protestant, must be loyal to God’s Word first and foremost on every subject of spiritual matters and not try to be cool and distinctive in private conversations and spout opinions that run counter to God’s Word.

If hell did not exist, I guarantee you Jesus would not have admonished you and I to be willing to ‘amputate’ or rip out one or more of our bodily members starting with our ‘eye’ JUST to make it into heaven (barely) (read Matthew 5:3…if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out).

Jesus died to take away the keys of hell and death from the devil, so that everyone who believed in Him, really trusted in Him as their savior, would be saved from God’s wrath. God’s people are not appointed to wrath (anger, righteous from God), but are appointed to receive mercy and grace in time of need. Heaven is a real place with saints and angels present from all ages. People you knew in life and then died ‘in Christ’ went to heaven and you who were once ‘children of wrath’ are now redeemed, sealed by the Holy Spirit, and saved!

The book of Revelation says enough about the pit and hell to make us understand that God rewards everyone according to their works, et al, just rewards for everyone; heaven for those redeemed from their sins and iniquities by the precious blood of Jesus, and by the way, if you are redeemed don’t forsake your own mercy by being wise in your own eyes, or by observing ‘lying vanities’ – God knows our hearts.

HELL for those who hate the truth and despise the godly, for those who ‘love death’ because remember Jesus said ‘those who hate me love death.’

Hell opens up her mouth wide for those who still go on in their rebellion and sinful ways because the love of God is not in them; many Pharisees fit this description in Jesus’ time on earth, they proved themselves unworthy.

Remember Jesus said, if you are not faithful, ‘I remain faithful’…what does that mean? In a word it means that Jesus never fails, but we do at times fail to do what is good and right due to weakness or stumbling. The Bible says, today if you hear his voice, don’t stiffen your neck and be like those who perished in the wilderness long ago. Be earnest to follow what is good and right, in other words, be the man or woman God made you to be, you are not after the world’s approval, and by everything you do seek the honor that only comes from God.

Don’t ‘go to war’ with God by scoffing at divine authority contained in holy scriptures like the atheists do. By the way, atheists don’t earn a ticket to hell automatically just ’cause they say they don’t believe in God and argue with everybody about everything – I have seen them converted and they advance the cause of the gospel when the truth and light sets them free from the lie and the darkness.

Finally remember that sound doctrine cannot be denied, so, by definition anything that falls short of the glory of God as to doctrine must be treated as chaff which the wind blows away.


a thousand generations

There is the kingdom of the Light and the Truth and the Way AND Jesus is Lord of that kingdom. Jesus sees his church and disciplines those He loves. Read especially the first few chapters of the book of Revelation. I think it is also important to note that it is the Book of Revelation, not revelations (pluralism leads to confusion in matters of spiritual truth); which revelation came divinely to the disciple of Jesus known as John and came to him in a powerful prophetic way; it is the revelation of the testimony of the King of King and Lord of lords – Jesus the Christ, the anointed one; since God is not the author of confusion there is only one revelation that is true, that proceeds from the Alpha and the Omega; thus we have in Jesus a more sure word of prophecy that we would do well to understand and embrace.

The Lord is a man of war and he fights with the spirit of his mouth which is the Word of God or better yet to understand the power thereof – God’s decree which does not change, that is God’s counsel to a thousand generations;  unlike the popular winds of doctrine like men, even good men, tend to teach and preach.

There is no special skill or knowledge needed to grasp the book of Revelation, but if there is willingness on the part of the reader, there is a promised blessing to those who undertake to read and understand the words of the prophecy of this book (Revelation 1:3). The book of Revelation is about the things which the disciple John saw by the revelation of Jesus Christ, and the things which are (present), and the things that shall be hereafter (important to note that when God says ‘shall be’ that is a decree, a holy decree of the Most High God.

The prayers of the saints for all time do matter because all that were lifted up earnestly with clean hearts, their prayers came to the throne of God like incense offered and there was and is still powerful response like voices, thunderings, lightnings and an earthquake. God is not passive. READ REVELATION 8, especially verses 1-6.

There is also present the kingdom that derives its power from the deceitfulness of sin and the seed of rebellion leading to worsening darkness; the enemy of God is satan who is so deceptive that sometimes he transforms himself into ‘an angel of light.’ In the days of the latter time God says he will shorten the time for the sake of His very elect because the temptations and trials will become so severe.

Remember that in the face of every trial and temptation, there is a way of escape that you will be able to bear it. He is coming for a church that is without spot or wrinkle, a bride adored for her bridegroom, whether he comes in the morning, at mid-day, or at midnight. Be ready Jesus said.  You know not what hour He comes, but of course the times and seasons are upon us, so we know His return is even at the door.

I hate them

I hate them with a complete hatred

there time is alway

they have become the perdition

swelling with pride and unjust

they delight to do evil

the meditation of their heart

is only evil


they exalt themselves

and prosper in nothing good

malice and want

to no avail


they shall be destroyed

together even their memory

will be wiped

from the face of the earth


their tongue roams

through the earth boasting

of the things they love

by those very things

are they destroyed


O Lord

shall I not hate them

that hate thee


am I not grieved with those

who rise up against thee?


they have become my own enemies.


Search me, O God,

and see whether there is any

baneful motive within me


the way to everlasting life

lead me.


NOTE: I like hockey and the hockey player Mike Fisher is a quiet man for the most part. He is married to the superstar singer Carrie Underwood and they have one child. He is one of the few NHL players who actively professes his faith. He also is a veteran of many years playing in the NHL against some of the roughest and toughest characters as you imagine. Recently he tweeted something from Psalms 139:23-24. I wanted to write something in connection with Psalms 139 because I began to think about that Psalm myself as I have in the past. The Psalms are a powerhouse of what it means to understand what God has a heart for – people who are willing to serve God and his holy church in spite of opposition and trials.

Remember there are more for us than against us!

Jesus said ‘I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’